Creative journeys

I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to keep up with the blogging……like I need something else to do in my life….it’s crazy busy as it is, but I was inpired to give this a go.

I hope to use this space to share some of my hooked rugs and talk about how I’ve come to be where I am today and why I push myself to do what I do. I’m posting a picture of my very first hooked piece.

With the help of my friend, Reba, this was turned into a little hooking bag that I used religiously until the burlap started to fray and pull apart…..I don’t mind hooking on burlap, but by seeing this happen I won’t hook anything that I want to last onto burlap as it does tend to where out faster….I think the fraying with this started about 3-4 years after I made the piece.

I still remember how excited I was to travel down to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to Mountain Handcrafts and take my very first hooking lesson from Diane Gay.

I left there with about half of my piece hooked and purchased a hoop, beginner hook, pattern for a Moose on monks cloth and some wools that she let me cut on her cutter that was there at the shop. Needless to say, I had the heart finished by the next day and had hooked up the wools I had bought from her to hook the moose within the next few days!!! I had never found something that I loved so much!! Next I went in search of wools at local thrift stores…..what a charge…..I was looking at thrift stores with new eyes…..jackets were now animals and skirts were skies……this has continued to be an obsession!!!


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