Gettin’ wiggy with it!!

Maybe this is just too weird to post about….but here goes anyway!!!
I’m addicted to wigs!!! I have really short blonde hair and when it grows out it’s just as straight as a string and I can’t do a thing with it.
(me, my husband Kenny and our dogs…Cleopatra is the small one and Big Truvy is the bigger one)

So, this past summer we were going to Las Vegas with friends and I thought it would be fun to have long blonde hair to wear when we went out dancing at the clubs. My husband’s friend went with me to “wig shop” and I ended up getting 3!!!

This is the long blonde that I went after….this is a picture from Halloween.

More red and curly (this is my favorite, because it really makes me feel like a totally different person)

This is the brown one that I wear the most…it’s a good length and is not toooooo much hair…this is a picture of me with Cleopatra on Easter.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s fun to put on a wig and be “someone else”….it lets me try out other parts of my personality and is just the greatest thing when you’re having a “bad hair” day….just pull it on and go!!!

Get in touch with yourself and celebrate ALL of you,



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