Auction starts Thursday night!

I finally completed the binding on the “Basketful” rug that I’m going to auction off for the Convoy of Hope on eBay. For those of you who would like to bid or just want to follow along the item number will be 180118245434. Once the auction starts I will post a direct link.
I was really happy with how it turned out and was actually quite impressed with myself that I was able to cover the cording with the cotton fabric and sew it down with mitered edges and all!!
I just love the shabby cottage carribean colors that Maddi picked out for this!

In the mean time I’ve still been plugging away on the “Flower Girl” rug. I’ve got some beading sewn down and have the flowers applied. Here is a picture of the progress I’ve made.

It’s not much, but running the wire through the beads and just figuring out how to do this has taken up a lot of time. I really can’t wait to be finished with the embellishing and get the binding on….I think that is going to make all the difference in the world… least I hope so.

On the home front, we’re having fabulous cool weather today and I’m hoping to go and pick out paint for the front porch deck.
I’m thinking a white like the trim, but in that glossy paint. I stained it a few years ago, but it is really in bad need of a face lift!

We got a new cushion this year for the wicker love seat…love it’s retro style!
Go forth and be creative,


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