Thanks for the bids!

Wow! How exciting to get up this morning and come to work and log on and see that people out there are already bidding on the “Basketful” rug that I’m auctioning off for the Convoy of Hope!!! Here is the link to see it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
On another note, I’m kind of at a loss of what to share with you today. I’m sitting here at work scanning patients and surfing the internet. Found a really cool t-shirt that would be fun to wear to my Pilates class.

Pilates is tonight after work…I go on Monday and Friday….a great way to start and end my week.

Now, that makes me think of something that I get several e-mails and comments about… do I do everything that I do?

Ya know what? I have no earthly idea!! I’m always looking for balance in my life….as I’m sure lots of us are. I’m very fortunate to have a job where I can use my laptop. For example, today my job is scanning patients. Each patient scan takes about 20 minutes and they can’t talk while they are being scanned…this is when I do a lot of my “stuff” on the internet. Everything from ebay, blogging and paying bills.

I try to exercise on most days, but a lot of times that gets lost in the wayside. However, most nights there are the dog walks which can range from full out running as they chase rabbits or leisurely strolls where they just want to sniff.
Supper….sometimes I cook, sometimes Kenny cooks and a lot of the time we end up eating out or eating cereal. Last night he made these great sausages on the grill that were chicken, asiago cheese and spinach…they were wonderful!!
I’m constantly looking for new recipes and love to try new things. I have one new recipe that I found that I’m wanting to try sometime this week.

It’s called Black Bean and Corn Salad II. If you want to try it along with me here is the link to the recipe.

Thanks for all of you that post and e-mail me. It’s what keeps me inspired!!

Go forth and be creative,



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