I’ve been tagged!

Today I got tagged by Toni over at Rabbit Hill Creations to share 7 random things with you that you might not know about me and then I have to tag seven more people to play along so here goes.

1. I love Springfield style cashew chicken and really never get tired of it….I could honestly eat it several times a week!

2. I have a murderer’s thumb, I found this out from a palm reading at a Nuclear Medicine convention when I was in school. Click on the link to see what this says about me……it’s true. I also have mismatched thumbs.

3. I have a hard time sitting completely still….I fidget a lot….yes, I’m the person tapping their foot that just drives you crazy. I’m generally not aware that I’m doing it.

4. I love glitz!! The more sparkles the better…I think that’s why I love Las Vegas….glitz just doesn’t look so gawdy when you’re there…..not like it does living here in the Midwest.

5. I’m allergic to horses. My father-in-law raises Missouri Fox Trotters, but I can’t even pet them when we go out to his farm.

6. I dated my husband, Kenny, on and off for 7 years before we took the plunge and got married.

7. I love reality TV!!!! Watching it is like watching a train wreck….you know you should turn away, but you just can’t help but gawking at it….marathons are the worst….I’ll just watch and watch and watch.

Now here are the folks I’m tagging….I’m only tagging 4 since I’m new to blogging.

1. Kelley at With Hook and Needle
2. Dulcy at Dulcy’s Doorstep
3. Renee at Skip To My Ewe Too
4. Sunnie at Vermont Rug Hooker’s Diary

Go forth and be who you are,


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