I’ve been busy!

I’ve really been busy trying to finish up a few unfinished projects the past few days. I’ve finally finished the “Flower Girl” rug. I started this back in January when it was cold and blustery….happy to have her finished and hope to hang her in the “Simply Fibers” store for a while before she becomes part of the decor here in the house.

We have a small bathroom that is a dark chocolate color and my husband thinks she will look nice in there.

On this rug I finished the edge with a “covered cording” technique. I used a really cook batik fabric that has all of the colors in the rug….what a find….I think it works perfectly.

After that was sewn on, I went back and sewed wool to the back, to keep all of the wires that are holding the beads on from scratching up against the wall.

Doing all of this hand-sewing was a bit tidious and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that it’s finished!

The other thing I’ve finished this past week is my “trash to treasure” project….Here is the finished project.

I really don’t have a place for this, but it was fun and will most likely end up in the booth at the Ozark’s Craft show in October.

The other thing I’ve been up to is making a costume for Big Truvy. She’s going as a wildflower. Kenny made Cleopatra’s outfit and she’s going as a ballerina. That happens at 6pm tonight, so I’ll be back tomorrow with lots of pictures from the Basset Hound Cookie Party.
Go forth and be creative,


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