Hooking from behind

Wow! Nothing is more inspiring to me than getting together in a group and hooking the evening away! Last night at Simply Fibers everyone was working on different projects that were as different as night and day. We were all huddled around the work table, elbow to elbow.
I’ve taken pictures from behind everyone so you can all enjoy the wide diversity of what rug hooking can be.
Above, Patti is working on a piece with round “pennies” for a chair….wonderful earthy, primitive colors! A pattern she drew herself.

This is a piece that Renee started in a Karen Kahle workshop when she was in Kansas City this past week. It is the “Rose Tote” and will end up being an actual tote bag….so many bits and pieces of colors in this!

This is Dulcy’s original design “Nighttime Garden Fox”. Dulcy has such a great, fun color palette!

Katy is working on a pattern from Quail Hill Designs called “The Yearling”. Her flower is positively yummy!

These are some of the wools at the store that the girls have to pick from….always trying to update things and come up with more new and inspiring colors.

Above is a picture of me (no, I’m not in my pajamas….that’s my scrubs from work 🙂 ) with colors that Kelly is picking out to make this wonderful paisley rug from Rug Thyme Designs ,for her daughter Casey’s room…..Kelly normally does primitive colors, so working with this cottage palette of colors is really going to stretch her. This weekend I’m hoping to dye up just the right light pink for her background . When she finishes this I’ll have to share another photo with you of the rug in Casey’s room.
Go forth and be creative,


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