Dyeing for a particular color

I do a bit of custom dyeing for my students, friends and customers. Here is just a little bit of how I go about doing this.
I have them provide me with a paint swatch, fabric swatch or something showing the color that they are wanting.
I then go into my resource center and pull swatches of things I’ve dyed or the swatches from ProChem are really nice to have.
I pull the swatches of colors that I think will work.
In this case I’m trying to get the light pink color in the background of this paisley fabric for my friend Kelly.

It’s not fancy by any means, but this is how I store my Cushings dyes.

And this is how I store my dyes from ProChem.

Here is one batch of pink that I’m dyeing for Kelly.

And these are the colors that I came up with today. Hopefully some of them will work!
Go forth and be creative,


One thought on “Dyeing for a particular color

  1. Hi Tammy! I dyed my first piece of wool today. YIPPEE! I dyed a natural piece a soft light rose. I don’t have a plan for it, just wanted to give it a try. Love the pink and green combo that Kelly is using.Dulcy

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