Springfield’s Xeriscape garden

Wednesday is my “day off” from work. I love having that day off because it breaks up my week and I never have to work more than two days in a row….it’s truly a luxury!!

This week on my day off I went with my husband to Springfield’s Xeriscape garden. Xeriscape…..now there’s a word for you to try out on someone!!!
Xeriscape gardening is actually “common sense” gardening….planting “like” plants together that have the same watering and sun needs…or “smart” gardening.

We had a great time taking pictures and trying to capture butterflies on film, as well as this odd little bug or beetle that was housed in this lupine….kind of like a little beetle condominium!!!

I’ve been trying to open myself up wider and wider to color…..saturated colors….saturated colors that you see in nature.
I’m dyeing wool this coming Saturday….getting up waaaay early while it’s still cool and hope to get gobs of fun colors!!! Hopefully, inspired by some of these pictures that we took on Wednesday.

Pastels are good too….gotta love those girly girl colors as well!!!

We also visited the Springfield Art Museum where Watercolor USA 2007 is in progress. Another very inspiring place to be!!!

Thanks for taking time to walk through the garden with me!!! Hope you enjoyed it!


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