Yes, I’m still hooking…

… case any of you were wondering.

Big Truvy has been on the back burner for a while now…..I have a problem with hooking things like this…..I love, love, loved working on her eyes and face, but once that was done, the rest is just not very challenging. Last night I got her back hooked in….YAY! I was going to then move on to her hind leg and her other front paw, but didn’t have those wools with me last night at the store. (click on pictures to enlarge if you wish)

Here is a close up of her nose….I’ve hooked this with wool as well as some wool from a paisley scarf and a little touch of sparkle (from a little girls leotards) to make her nose look wet. How fun!

Here is a close up of one of her eyes….when working on animals….I always hook the eyes first….then they seem to speak to you as you work on the rest of the rug.

Can’t you just see those sad eyes pleading me to finish her up?

Her feet have been a challenge and I’ve included many odd colors of dusty purple and a pale turquoise.

So, since I didn’t have the wools to work on the rest of the Truvy rug, I started this adorable pattern from Maria Barton, called “Lazy Sheep”. A nice restful rug to work on….not nearly as much thinking on this one…now that I’ve picked out my color palette, it should be just hook, hook, hook!!! I like that break every now and then.

Go forth and be creative,


2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still hooking…

  1. Tammy…HOLY COW, woman! Truvy is looking soooo good! I have my E. Black (3×5 FEET) 3 collies and a lab to start one of these days, but I’m thinking of doing something of just one of the dogs, first. Similar to your Truvy, I guess. I LOVE how she’s turning out and those EYES! WOW…you’ve captured the soulful look perfectly. WAY TO GO! I’m hooking this weekend…one of my stretch dogs…red and brown is all I’m using on the entire rug…oughta be easy, hey? I’ll post pictures in my blog sometimes this weekend, so be sure to check it out! ha! I should pay some attention to my 2sheep rug, too…could probably start on the background. Anyway, have a good weekend!

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