Why Oh Why……

……did I open that e-mail from “Anthropologie”?!

I love getting their e-mail catalog…..it’s one of those things that makes me say to myself…..”I think I could make something like that”!

I know this blog is “mainly” supposed to be about rug hooking, but it’s really turned out to be just more of a peep into what makes me tick.

Go to the picture of this Pigment Stitched Sweater Coat and keep “zooming” in on it until you can see how the embellishing is done…..yeah, I think I have a red sweater coat that I could do this on!
Or this “Wildflower Cardigan“…..I don’t know how to crochet very well, but how cute is that? Almost makes me want to apply myself and learn how to do those crocheted flowers like Toni has been making! You could put this on a sweater, a felted bag….the possibilities are endless and just make my head spin!

My other favorite that has umpteen possibilities for re-creation is this “Hickory and Oak Cardigan”. Felting, stitching, embroidery….WOW!

And this one is DARLING!!!! The “Good Bird Hat“….it’s simply a bird stitched onto a hat…okay, I admit…that would be a stretch for me to be able to do something like that, but you could stitch flowers or something like that onto a straw hat or tote that you already had to give it an update!

Go forth and be creative,


6 thoughts on “Why Oh Why……

  1. Tammy – I got my Anthropologie catalog in the mail yesterday too, and drooled and drooled over all those lovely embellished items. I have plans to make an unlined coat out of a beautiful green army blanket and do some needle felting on it for pizazz. So fun!

  2. love anthropologie (even tho’ I think an easier word to spell would be helpful) but their prices usually set me on my heels! but now I’m lookin’ at their site…I guess I have no willpower either 🙂

  3. I’m always grateful in a peculiar way that I can’t actually get their stuff in the UK – it saves me such a lot of money. I’m particularly in love with their dresses!

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