Back and relaxed!

Happy to say that we had a wonderful time in Las Vegas!
As you know…..”What happens in Vegas…..stays in Vegas”, but here are a few pictures and stories I collected just for the blog!

By the way….if you look over to the left you can watch videos and music of the fountain shows at “The Bellagio” (just click on one of the pictures and then scroll back up to the top of the page to watch and listen….the third one down…the one that looks blank has the best photography and my favorite music….”Singing in the Rain”)……so beautiful and we were lucky to have a spectacular view of the fountains from our room…..slow times in Vegas mean free room upgrades……yeah baby! Flat screen TV in the bathroom!

(view from our room)

We did a little bit of everything while we were in Vegas….from the downtown “Fremont Experience” complete with steak and shrimp.To strolling around the Bellagio looking at the spectacular Chihuli glass, and lunching at the Wynn surrounded by parasols and wonderful tiled floors. Taking in shows like Toni Braxton and Phantom of the Opera…..Toni did more talking than singing and I wish I had my money back on that show, but Phanton of the Opera was so beautiful it would make you cry.

Of course you can’t go to Vegas without going out dancing and doing just a little bit of gambling. This time luck was not a lady for us…but we still had a great time.

….hanging out, dancing and lying by the pool. Now that I’m totally blissed out….perhaps I can….

Go forth and be creative,



3 thoughts on “Back and relaxed!

  1. you know, Las Vegas just looks marvelous :)…so many people I know are traveling to LV…I think we’re just gonna have to pack up & go one day here soon 🙂thanks for sharing the photos 🙂

  2. You guys are so darling!! Sounds like you had a great time – and you deserve it!! 😀Now.. after seeing those pics, I have the renewed desire to go!! LOL! We sooo wanted to see Celine Dion’s show, but missed her. 😦 Hope you are both rested and renewed!xobren :0)

  3. Hi Tammy! Trip looks wonderful!!! Sorry to miss hooking the other night, but haven’t done much but school, school, school……..but I think I’m into my routine now and can take time for my other creative pursuits! Hope to see you soon! dulcy

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