I’m humbled and tickled pink!

…..makes me giggle!!!!

Toni of Rabbit Hill Creations has given me a “Nice Matters” award.

Thanks T!!! You’re so sweet and always inspring….amazing the friends we make on the net!!! So lucky!!!

I’m passing the award on to someone that I met on-line about 5 years ago….Brenis of “Hey Diddle Woolies”. Really just one of those folks that I’ve had an immediate connection with. Now, in honor of her little girl Calli starting kindergarten I’m giving you a montage of pink inspired by Calli’s pink dress and the “Noodle” that she gave her brother Gavin!!!

Go forth and be creative,



2 thoughts on “I’m humbled and tickled pink!

  1. Oh Tammers you are just too sweet!! 😀 You deserve this award more than I do!! And your blog is soo much more creative than mine to boot! I LOVED your pink montage! Too fun!! And without knowing it, you pretty much pegged Calli! She is ALL ABOUT THE PINK! When she first started talking she would say “I need Pink!!” – when we asked why, she said “everything good is pink!” – and your montage is a great example of all things pink are good! LOL! (candy, frosting, balloons, dollies, blankies, etc! lolol) You’re so fun – I just love ya to pieces girl!!xoBren

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