Feeding ourselves

I came home from work today feeling exhausted and just generally worn out…..seems I’ve been neglecting some of my centers of wellness since I got back from vacation. I was sooo good before vacation…eating healthy, exercising….now that I’m home I thought I’d “let go” for a while….indulging in a “key lime pie frozen concrete” from Andy’s Frozen Custard for supper last night….yes, that’s right…that was my supper!!!Then our boss brought in TWO kringles for breakfast…of course I snacked on several pieces of that throughout the day. Thank goodness only one of them was my favorite cherry cheese!
I even skipped Pilates tonight because I was just soooo worn out.
Now, I’ve run across this article and thought I’d share it with you.
This is reprinted from Body + Soul
Feeding Your 5 Centers of Wellness
Recover from fatigue by tuning in to five essential parts of your self. Use a journal to assess each on a regular basis and make changes accordingly.
1. Movement
Ask yourself: Do I have a workout routine? How often do I really follow it? When’s the last time I did something physical that brought me a sense of joy?
Why: Without regular exercise, you miss an opportunity to release stress and gain energy. When you choose an activity you love, you invigorate your soul as well.
Take action: Make exercise a habit; if possible, schedule your activity for the same time every day. Your body will come to expect and look forward to it.
2. Nutrition
Ask yourself: What’s my relationship with food? When I’m tired, how does it change? Do I reach for “quick energy,” such as sugar, caffeine, or potato chips?
Why: “Quick fix” foods start us on a dangerous cycle: They let us keep going after our bodies have said “Enough!,” thus further depleting our stores.
Take action: Choose foods that help you sustain energy. Exchange coffee for green tea, refined grains for whole, and chips and dip for carrots and hummus.
3. Mind
Ask yourself: What is my level of internal stress? Regardless of circumstances or life events, am I generally relaxed and happy, or tense and sad?
Why: Although life events often affect the way we behave, sometimes the way our mind functions is unrelated to our surroundings. Responding to situations while chronically stressed will tucker you out; feeling happy and calm feeds your energy.
Take action: Before starting a new activity, take a few moments to center yourself by simply closing your eyes and breathing. Schedule 20 minutes during the day — every day — to “unplug” from the world, whether by meditating or taking a walk.
4. Sensuality
Ask yourself: Do I feel connected to my body, sensually and sexually? Do I notice textures that feel good, scents that relax me, and tastes that satisfy me?
Why: Our five senses are essential for both physical and spiritual survival. When we ignore our senses, we create a primal void that hurts us spiritually.
Take action: Surround yourself with stimuli that make you happy. Do you love the smell of lavender oil? Dab some on your neck. Does the feel of soil in your hands ground you? Don’t just repot your houseplants; dig into the earth.
5. Spirit
Ask yourself: Do I feel connected to things bigger than myself? Am I blessed with work that feels meaningful?
Why: Lives that provide meaning, purpose, and inspiration can be tremendously invigorating, and lack thereof is spiritually draining.
Take action: Replenish the connections in your life that fill you with a sense of purpose. Grab a camera and go for a hike, snapping photos of your favorite flowers along the way. Spend a day with a childhood friend. Whether you find inspiration in a church or temple or a star-filled sky, make time for it.
Go forth and be creative,

2 thoughts on “Feeding ourselves

  1. OHhhhhhh….. so much can be learned from that. Guess I have been treating my centers of wellness very badly…. 😦 You have opened my eyes by this post… and maybe I will try to listen. 🙂

  2. I love your blog, I go to it quite often. It inspires me not only as a still learning rughooker (self taught so far) but as a person to pay it forward. Your feeding your 5 centers of wellness speaks to me, and the timing is perfect as my crohns has been acting up. I am trying to follow it and it is helping.I only wish I lived near you as I would love to learn from you as a hooker, love your work.

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