Welcome Flower rug

Just popping in to share another rug that I’ve finished. This was my first time using my #8.5 blade….just a little chubbier than the #8. I used the #8.5 on the background on this rug. Now, I usually “plan” on how much wool I will need for a rug before I get too far….on this one I just jumped in and I only had 1 strip of wool left-over when I finished the background…..kinda sweated that one out!
Another new thing I tried on this rug was using a plaid for the covered cording binding and cutting it on the bias to take advantage of the plaid pattern. I love how it turned out! It gives the rug more of a braided look on the edge.
This was a super fun pattern from Bren at www.heydiddlewoolies.com
Go forth and be creative,


5 thoughts on “Welcome Flower rug

  1. Oohh this turned out darling Tam!! I LOVE how you did the border and binding! You’re such a smarty!! It really does look like a braided edge! I’m always amazed at how much you get done girl!! I wanna be like YOU when I grow up!! 😀xoBren

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