Truly blessed

Designed and hooked by Debe McGuire
Today I’m feeling truly blessed…….
I received two sympathy cards for Truvy….yes, things are getting easier, but I still have a hard time walking Cleopatra with my husband……I was always the one who walked Truvy and when we all walk together I feel especially lonely whether I’m the one walking Cleo or not.
For those of you who sent cards that I received today…thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping us in your thoughts. You know who you are and I’m so touched that you have reached out to me and my family.

Blessed by my friend Patti who has been so wonderful to walk Lily and Belle with Cleo and me every afternoon and the wonderful friends that we’ve made in her neighborhood. A girl (okay…everyone is a girl to me even if they are a mom!) Jennifer, and her daughter Tatum who is not quite 2 years old but always comes out to the front yard to give the dogs a pet and a hug. Tatum calls Cleo “Chloe” but I think that is very good for an adorable little girl who is not even 2. She is like a total cherub and I hope to have a picture of her with the dogs on here one of these days. She looks a lot like this little cupid.
Blessed by Sarah who sent me the nicest note about how much she loved the custom wool that I dyed for her quilt that she is making.

Blessed by the girls in my hooking group who really make me smile.
Blessed to have met Debe that hooked the rug at the top of my page…just to hear her wonderful southern voice is a joy unto itself.
Blessed to have so many of you tuning in to hear what is going on in my life.
Go forth and be creative,

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