Happy New Year


Mizzou beat the Arkansas Razorbacks in yesterdays Cotton Bowl….how did we celebrate here?

By eating BLTs of course!!!

Nothing like eating a little hog!!!
The New Year is here and I’m going to be adding more items to my Etsy store as well as eBay.

Look for the new “Cup of Joe” in my Etsy store.

As well as this “Be Mine” rug on eBay. I’m going to be adding this on Thursday night! I just love the reds, pinks and chocolates!!

So what is on your New Year’s list this year?

For me it is to:

Be Positive

Be Loving

Create peace in my life by decluttering and organizing

Go forth and be creative,



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. hi tammy. i noticed this rug on etsy. love the colours and it’s simplicity! i’m a rug hooker from newfoundland where hooking is a long tradition. i started a 30″ square one a couple of days ago and i jus know how long it will take…

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