That Betty is so sweet!! I got this “You Make My Day” award from her.

And along with that I’m supposed to tell you 5 things about me that you may not know & might be a little odd.

1. My thumbs don’t match. One is short and stubby and looks like it’s been hit by a hammer…the other one is pretty normal.

2. When I’m concentrating really hard I tend to bite or chew on my tongue.

3. It drives me crazy when a person has a name like “Teresa” but pronounces it “Ter-ess-a”….we have a running joke at work and people call me “Tam-em-i”…it just cracks me up!

4. I hate and detest cell phones….I have one because my husband bought me one…….HANG UP AND DRIVE!!!

5. I don’t have any children….if you sat a baby and a puppy in front of me I’d for sure go for the puppy. Don’t get me wrong…I like kids….they are just such a HUGE responsibility.

Now I’m passing this on to 3 more people who “Make My Day”

Kelley from With Hook & Needle

Maria from Star Rug Company

Joshua from Brown Egg Quilts

Go forth and be creative,



2 thoughts on “Really?

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