We just keep getting more! And to boot, it’s cold today….38 degrees at 10am here. Kenny had to go out and wrap up a few of his tropical plants last night.

You might take a look over at the right at my carousel that I created this morning of things I’d wear today if I had them. I love the bright floral umbrella….I think it’s my favorite of all the things I picked out…..kind of fun…I’ll try to change that as the days go on.

Today, I think I’ll stay inside and hook more (not so sure about the stripes in the tulip…they might come out, but for now I’ll leave them in to “hold a place”).I’m also going to try to list more of my salt and pepper shaker collection on eBay and Etsy. With the kitchen remodeling going on, I’ve decided to send some of my treasures on to new homes. You can tell which ones are my favorites because they have higher prices than the other ones. I need to find them new homes, but as I take them out and photograph them it brings back all of the great memories of going to auctions and flea markets with Kenny and the fun of the “hunt”….I’ve decided to limit my collection to shakers that are dogs in houses….a manageable collection.

If you have any shakers that you are looking for or a subject/character/etc. that you are looking for just ask me….I have LOTS more to list and even more that are up in the attic….YIKES….could I bit a bit obsessive-compulsive…me thinks so….if one is good then 100 is better!!!

Here is a great set that is headed to my eBay store later today.

All right…better get with it and get out of my fuzzy pink robe and get productive!!!

Go forth and be creative,


3 thoughts on “Rain

  1. I LOVE that umbrella!!! Love it! And love the coloration in your bee skep! You’re makin’ me wanna hurry up and get started hooking! Have a great day!

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