More wool collections

I’ve been digging through my wool stash a bit more this morning and came up with these wool combinations for you.
I call this first one Purple Passion.

From left to right you will be receiving 1/8 yard of each of these wools. The first is a softly spotted hand-dyed wool (13″ x 15″)and the other three are wonderful mill-dyed wools from Rebecca Erb measuring (16″ x 16″, 14″ x 17″, and 13″ x 16″). A total of 1/2 yard.
Great for flowers, night skies or a funky cat….you decide.
$13 for the collection.
Shipping will be $2.50 first class or $4.60 priority mail.
I have 2 of these collections available only to my blog readers.



I haven’t cut them yet, so if you get both collections you will be receiving 1/4 yard of each and I’m always happy to combine shipping.

This next collection I’m calling Tree Trunks.

This is (4) 1/8 yard pieces that are all hand-dyed…..the coloring is hard to describe….brownish with hints of purples and rust….so hard to get a good picture of this color.

All pieces are no less than 6″ x 30″

Great for tree trunks, animals or backgrounds.

$16 for the collection.


Shipping is $2.50 first class or $4.60 Priority Mail.

I used some of these colors in the background of this cat rug that I hooked.
If you are interested in any of these wools just e-mail me by clicking on the mailbox and I’ll get back to you.
Go forth and be creative,

2 thoughts on “More wool collections

  1. Hey Tammy! I love the combinations you put together!!! I’m needing some soft old looking rusty colors…let me know if you have anything!!!

  2. Jacque,I’ll see what I can come up with for you! I love ideas….at least that gives me some direction of what to look for….I love putting combos together!

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