1/2 way there

Yesterday I got the kitchen ceiling painted, but not the dining room. That is my task for today….or maybe Monday. Still deciding. I know I won’t have enough paint to finish today, so I’m thinking…..why start. I ended up getting my paint at my local “Seminole Decor” store down the street from me. Nothing fancy….just ceiling white.
I started out running errands with Cleopatra riding along with me in the car….first the bank and a doggie treat, then the pool store, then PetsMart and more doggie treats and then by the time we got to Home Depot and pulled up in the parking lot it was just too hot for her to have to stay in the car…..even for a few minutes for me to run in and grab paint.
On a sunnier note….yes, we’ve got sun!!! The garden is beautiful! Here are a few morning shots.
This first one is an arbor that has Dutchman’s pipe growing on it. It is at the back of our yard and leads you to a secret side yard.
Okay, this picture maybe looks a bit crazed! Kenny has planted banana trees in a path leading from our house down to the back of the yard. Once they are all sprouted out it should make a really cool canopied path….I’ll have to keep you updated on the progress of this project.
This is one of my favorite features. Kenny took a huge pottery jug and made it into a fountain that just constantly trickles over the side…..Cleopatra likes to lick the sides of it and the birds love to frolick and cool off in it!

Go forth and be creative,



One thought on “1/2 way there

  1. Hey Tammy…good to see you’re keeping busy. Disappointed, though, that your ceilings will be ‘ceiling white’…was waiting to see your version of the Sistine Chapel! ha! Anyway, marvelous job you’re doing with the HS dogs…even if no one chooses that particular ‘dog of the day’…at least it brings the issue to the forefront. Perhaps it will make a difference for someone (or more than one!) Thank you!

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