Clearing out!

Can you believe it? That two people could accumulate so much STUFF over 13 years together?
We have so much STUFF that my husband, Kenny, decided to get himself a flea market booth. These are just some of the treasures that we are parting with! Parts of a huge cookie jar collection, salt and pepper shaker collection, fishing items, books, rug beaters and lots of other things to boot. He spent most of yesterday evening tagging items and then I helped him tag a few more things this morning before he took his first load to his booth.
I’ll be spending the rest of my day trying to list more interesting items on eBay.
Click HERE to see what there is.
Go forth and be creative,

One thought on “Clearing out!

  1. Tammy, even with being military (now retired) and all of those moves, we collected a load of “stuff.” Several years ago, while helping a friend who was moving, we ended up having 3 garage sales in the space of a year. Totally emptied our house of anything that hasn’t been used, worn or played with in the past year. The new house rule is “you bring something IN the door, something must go OUT the door.” I might even say that our house looks a little ‘spare’ now but hey, it makes vacuuming up the cat fur easier! My sister used to tell me to “go forth and seize the day!” I say “go forth and unclutter!”Have fun and I hope Kenny can make a lot of money with his booth.

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