A shout out to craft show visitors and MIZ-ZOU!

First off, I would like to give a big shout out to all of the people who stopped by Renee and Kelly’s booth at the Ozark Craft show this weekend…..and for those of you who FORGOT about the craft show…hurry….it’s still going on today until 5pm!(pattern from http://www.goprimitive.com/)

There was SO much interest in rug hooking!
We just had GOBS of people stopping by wanting to know what it was we were doing.
I personally only had a few items for sale in the booth, but spent the day sitting in the booth with Renee and it was so nice to just get to sit and hook and chat with Renee and all of the visitors…….and there were
A LOT of visitors!!!!

If you reached my blog from picking up one of my cards at the show,

Welcome!!!Like the blonde that I truly am I forgot my camera, but if anyone has pictures from the craft show please send them to me and I’d love to post them here!!!
After the craft show I grabbed some pizzas and brought them home so Kenny would have something to eat while he excitedly watched Mizzou clobber Nebraska…..the first time they’ve beat them since gas was 68 cents a gallon in 1976!
I’m not a HUGE football fan but Jeremy Maclin is a truly awesome player…that is him running the ball for yet another touchdown above.

Now I’m off to find a wonderful salad recipe to take to Kenny’s aunt’s for lunch today….if it’s a success I’ll be sure to share it with you tomorrow.

Go forth and be creative,


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