In the wee hours

I’m an early riser…..always have been. I remember getting up early as a little girl….probably even before kindergarten and my mom fixing breakfast before my dad would go off to work.
I think that’s when I decided I liked my eggs scrambled instead of sunny-side up

There is just something about that runny yolk that just grosses me out…..but before it’s broken they are so pretty and eye like!

So this morning, one of my day’s off, I wake up just as soon as the light comes through the window….that nice soft light.

So while the dogs are still slumbering like angels…..Lonnie on the bed… Kenny’s spot (who’s already left for work)

and Cleopatra who is stretched out on one of the dog beds in our bedroom

I get up to pour myself a cup of coffee and notice out the window that it’s happened.

fall has finally arrived!

See it.

up there in that patch of tree.

The leaves have finally started to turn

For Kenny, with the beauty of fall comes LOTS of garden work….I mean, this man has been working in the garden for days on end….his passion for gardening is like my passion for wool…..every time he sees a new plant he thinks he has to have it. But there just isn’t room in the garden for everything so he has been digging up and dividing grasses for friends and neighbors and also has started the big task up digging up the elephant ears and banana trees for over-wintering. HEre is a picture of just SOME of the trunks he has dug up.

He still has quite a few more to go.

So what have I been doing while Kenny has been gardening you might ask?

I’ve been dyeing wool.

I ran across some great black and white checked wool and I’ve been dyeing it different dark-ish colors that I think would work well for backgrounds or borders.

So far I’ve dyed it in these colors from top to bottom:

mocha (only 2 left), mahogany, teal, spruce (only 2 left) and plum. I have one yard of each of these colors and they are $8 per quarter yard. Each quarter measures approximately 31″ x 13″

….but before you make up your mind here are the other colors I’ve done as well….yes, it was a big dyeing day for me last night after work.

I also have (2) of these Mizzou Mustard stone soup combos available. These combos have (5) 1/8th yard pieces of assorted wools in the same color way and they are $20 each (sold out)

Here is a Khaki Drab combo that has (5) 1/8 yard pieces and it is $16 for the mere fact that the middle wool is a looser weave and some of the pieces may be a little over or a little under 1/8 yard….I was just trying to dye up some of my odds and ends and you can never have enough Khaki Drab. I have 2 of these combos available.

If you are interested in any of the above wools just e-mail me by clicking on the little mailbox….shipping will be actual and I’m happy to ship first class, parcel post or priority. If you need a shipping quote just ask.

My main goal last night was to dye up some golds for the store where I teach at and then once I started dyeing I just couldn’t quit!

Here are some of the golds that are headed to Simply Fibers later today.

Go forth and be creative,



5 thoughts on “In the wee hours

  1. Tammy, it amazes me all that Kenny does each year for his garden! Digging them up and repotting them to bring inside for the winter – i never even knew that was doable!! lol What are those big trunks still out there?Your wool is delicious girl!! Makes me want to go hit the dye pots!! Love those golds!!!!! 😀xo Bren

  2. Tam, does he chop off the top of the tree and only “harvest” the trunk? Maybe i’m not seeing it clearly in the picture. lol Holy cow… so i bet your whole house AND your garage are quite full right now! 😛

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