The busier you are…..

…..the more you can accomplish.

Yes, I believe that’s true and I’ll tell you why……lately I haven’t been very busy and I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much of anything. However, when I’m REALLY busy I can get GOBS done.

Go figure…..
I’ve been watching movies, reading magazines (mindless stuff), hooking a little and just basically lounging about. I’ve had a bit of a cold for the past couple of days and I’ve banked LOTS of sleep. Thank goodness for Nyquil and Lonnie, my dog blanket. He has to be the cuddliest dog on earth.
I’ve loved it, but now I think I’m ready to get back with it and jump in on more of my projects that I want to complete.

I have been hooking a bit on the “going in circles” rug….it’s coming along nicely, but never as quickly as I’d like.

Another nice note……Ethan has found a home! YAY!

So, today I’ve scoured

trying to find a new doggie to feature on the blog and I’ve found this guy,
What a cutie pie with that spotted ear and happy smile!Go forth and be creative,

5 thoughts on “The busier you are…..

  1. Hey Tammy…yup, I am in complete agreement with you on that one…the busier you are. I am loving your ‘going in circles’ rug…pretty wild colors, there! Where will this go when you’ve finished? And, what size is it? This week, I spent one entire late afternoon and evening snuggled under a blanket in my big easy chair with Tag…gotta love those big cuddler boys.

  2. Hi Tammy, I work alot better “under pressure” too. It seems that all us hookers have alot of the same personality traits.I’m so happy for Ethan and from the looks of Edgars pretty face I’m sure he won’t be needing a home for long.Needless to say I’ve not been doing much hooking. Potty training and learning to sit. Jimmie Dean is doing great. I have to take him to the breeder tomorrow for his last shot. I can’t wait to tell her he can potty where he’s supposed to. After just one week! He’s such a smart child you know…

  3. Hi Tammy ~ You are absolutely right!! I can be like the white tornado when I have a deadline and I can waste a lot of time as well. It might be the nature of creative people ~ that’s my excuse anyway!Love the circle rug ~ very inspiring ~ I love circles! And I finally added a link to your blog on mine as well as ‘Articles of Intent’ which I found here. I love what it has to say and have passed it on to some friends ~ thanks, Tammy!

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