Patterns for sale part 3

Yes, even more patterns with FREE SHIPPING to USA and Canada.

Noah’s Ark on linen 28 x 36 $49 FREE SHIPPING SOLD

Large Rabbit 2′ x 3′ on linen $75 SOLD

Crow with Sunflowers on monks 19×28 $42.25 FREE SHIPPING

Mister Snowman on linen 25×25 $38 FREE SHIPPING

Summer Blessings on linen 18 x 17 $40 FREE SHIPPING

Folky Leghorn 34 x 24 on linen $49 FREE SHIPPING SOLD

Spring Blessings 19 x 19 on linen $40 FREE SHIPPING

Miss Annie 20.5 x 38 on monks cloth $45 FREE SHIPPING
If you are interested in any of these patterns please e-mail me at

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