YIKES is right….we are currently getting freezing rain…..should I just come to expect this in January of every year? The ice is so beautiful and yet it can be so deadly….2 years ago we were without power for 12 days, but we survived and it’s a fun story to tell, now that it’s over.

Where is the snow? Beautiful, light fluffy frosting type snow? I love snow….my husband, Kenny, used to love snow too, but now he delivers mail, so he doesn’t care for it the way he used to. Sad, to have one of your joys stolen from you by your occupation.
Today, after work I just slid on home and snuggled in for the night decadently watching two hours of “The Bachelor”. Kenny’s favorite thing to say when I’m watching reality shows is, “you’d watch absolutely anything”….it makes me laugh and it’s so true.
I’m sharing this next photo with you just because……
I know I always like to put a face with people who blog so here is a picture of me with my circle rug at hooking this past Wednesday night [good thing it’s not a close up or you’d see all the dog hair that is usually on my sweatshirt :)] taken by the lovely Sheri from Shabby Sheep.

This night I came to hooking directly after walking the dogs….so I’m still in my “dog walking uniform” and my favorite “Virginia” sweatshirt….where I went to Nuclear Medicine technology school….so many years ago.
Go forth and be creative….and if you’re in Springfield, Missouri……stay warm!!!!

9 thoughts on “YIKES!

  1. Tammy, I just wrote about the ice on my blog too!! It sure makes me nervous. But I just looked outside and it’s so beautiful. Great job again on your circles rug. Amazing!!

  2. Hi Tammy!Love your snow pics.! I’m home for 3rd because of weather, and I’m out of things to hook. YIKES! I guess I’ll see how much linen I have and draw a heart!!

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