Tonight I guess I’m just rambling on randomly.

Do you know about http://www.redbox.com/?

Do you have a redbox near you?

OMG!! We are in love with this…..movies for just $1!!!

Tonight I watched “Secret Life of Bees”…..okay, I bawled….just like a big old baby…..why? maybe I just needed to cry…..maybe you need to watch the movie and see if you cry…..I’m wishing I would have read the book first, but now that I’ve seen the movie I’ve GOT to read the book.

We need more movies like this…..I need more movies like this…..heartfelt….touching….real.

I journaled these pages the other day, but just realized I hadn’t shared them yet….the word is “space”. I actually got a little braver and drew the head on this one…..I like her….she makes me smile.

Maybe if you click on the pictures they will be bigger for you.

I’m almost finished with my tree rug and then I need to go on a big “rug finishing” binge…..I need to bind the Valentine rug, tree rug, a sheep rug and the big circles rug…..YIKES that’s a lot of binding…..maybe a blizzard would help….yeah, fat chance of that happening….not that I want it to….I just like the idea of it….being snowed in with lots of yummy food and drink and plenty of crafty/artsy things to work on.

Since I’m being random and rambling here are some socks that Rita and JoLynne got me for Christmas…..cute little basset hounds….I LOVE THEM!

4 thoughts on “Random

  1. Hello Tammy,My daughter just told me about this movie box last night. It must be very new! Okay, now I want to find one, I want to watch The Secret Life of Bees! I have old Bee Hives and actually decorated my 1/2 bath with them…I know odd. I love your Basset socks…too cute!

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