Another rug washing and repair

So, I’ve gotten brave and washed another rug. This one was one of the first larger rugs that I made… is in my entry way, so it gets a lot of wear and tear.
Here is the before photo:
As you can see it has stains on it….I don’t think it’s dog pee, because it doesn’t smell….it could be where someone wiped their feet…..I’m talking this is a rug that we USE!!!
This one was hooked on burlap, but because it was just getting so gross looking I decided to wash it…..I washed it in my front loader on delicate this time and did not put it in the dryer…this one I hung to dry over the shower door.
Here is the after photo:
The rug has gotten a bit wavy, so it will still have to be steamed to lie flat again.
The big stain is gone, but some of the colors from the lettering bled a little bit. I put some “color grabbers” in with the rug when I washed it and they came out a light burgundy color, so I do believe they work. Here is a close up of the bleeding….I don’t know….it doesn’t bother me all that much and in this case I think I’ll let it stay…I think it adds to the “patina” of the rug and it tells a bit more of it’s history
As you can see, part of the lettering needs to be re-hooked. I think over the years, the dogs have scratched at places on the rug and pulled out bits and pieces of wool…..really not TOO bad considering this has been in the entryway for about 7-8 years. Here is another spot that needs some re-hooking.
I live with my rugs and I have another one that is in bad need of repair also…..not sure when I’ll get to the repairs on this one, but I’ll share the photos with you once this one is all fixed up and on the floor again.
Go forth and LIVE with your art,

3 thoughts on “Another rug washing and repair

  1. Hi TammyYour rugs are georgous and yes to having history. I recently washed a store bought that said dry clean only hooked rug in my front loader and it came out great. Never know until you try. We must be dare-devil kin.

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