Wednesday night hooking group

Wow! Just when you think things can’t get any better they do!!!! I just can’t tell you how excited I am with the people in my hooking group!! Talk about putting on a show!
Here are just a few of the rugs from Wednesday night….
We have a new hooker….Ann…..this is Ann’s very first rug….self designed I might add. I love the folkiness of it and the colors.

This is the rug that Ann is working on now….also self designed….can’t wait to see how it progresses! We had a great time talking about her scuba experience at The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, so this is a memory rug of sorts.

Here is a rug from Vicki. Vicki is also a newer hooker and has been jumping into the dye pots….she dyed her own sky for this rug…..seeing people jump right in makes me so happy!

Here is a close up so you can see her beautiful sky! I’m also in love with the wool she used on her pathway.

Others in our group are multi-talented! Here are some penny rugs that Betty has been working on….no idle hands for her! Betty does beautiful handwork and she said she is using Valdani pearl cotton thread…just the threads themselves are amazing.

This is another piece that Betty has been working on…..beautiful!!!
and here is a picture of the pattern from Lori Smith at From My Heart to Your Hands.
Now, I must admit, me and this next hooker, Sandy, must be kindred souls…we always gravitate to a lot of the same colors and patterns…..when I bought this pattern for the store I kind of thought in the back of my mind that I might get to hook it,but Sandy snatched it up and looking at this piece just makes me smile! You can purchase the pattern through Spruce Ridge Studios.
Here are some close ups of the little umbrella women!!! How delightful!!! This girls dress is stitched in a scroll stitch that Sandy found in this book, “Elegant Stitches”

Sandy and I are in love with the wool that she used in the umbrella below….I’ve got to figure out where that came from and see if I can get more! It’s a happy orange with a hot pink stripe in it. YUM!

I love the embroidered flowers on this girls dress!

Marcia has been working on this large rug for a while now….I think it’s turning out beautifully! She has even used wool from some of her husband’s shirts….I love a rug with a story! She’s making this to go in the kitchen of her saltbox house.

Sheri has come up with another original design….this is going to incorporate hooking, fabric transfers, beading and who knows what else by the time it is finished. You might get to read more about it at her blog, Shabby Sheep.

There were more rugs Wednesday night, but these were the ones I got a chance to photograph……and as a grand finale…..Patti, who is in Florida, sent me a picture of her with Polly Minick. Patti took Polly’s design and tweaked it to go in her new Florida home. How fun to get to meet the person who designed your rug!

Go forth and be creative,


5 thoughts on “Wednesday night hooking group

  1. Hi Tammy- That rug with the umbrellas is so fun! It looks like the dresses are not hooked, but rather appliqued onto the foundation? One even looks kinda stuffed or 3D – I can’t wait to see it progress. Thanks so much for sharing all the pictures – looks like you have a fun group. Our local group met on Tuesday and we had NINE people there – a record for us! YAY!

  2. Tammy, thanks for showing us all the great talent and their rugs. When are you all coming to Warsaw and hook at Saltbox Primitive Woolens??katieprimitivewoolen.typepad.

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