Welcome Fall

Today, I’m posting some random photos from my day…….

When I came inside from taking photos the dogs met me at the door.

Then, Cleopatra, had to go and grab her Ernie doll to bring to me…..they acted like I had been gone all day…..I’d been outside taking pictures for about 15 minutes….isn’t that just the best thing about dogs….they make you feel so loved!

The coneflowers have lost all of their petals and the long decorative grasses are going to seed.

A picture of the floribunda circle at the corner of our front yard. Kenny constantly amazes me at the plants he is able to put together….this has a little bit of everything.

That crazy frog statue that I just love, highlighted by these sweet pink flowers.

A little succulant in a trough that Kenny made, sitting on a lichen covered bench.

Such a beautiful day….a bit overcast and windy….feels like fall to me!

The tear out of the den floor continues….first Kenny pulled up the carpeting and the pad….then old linoleum…now he’s having to tear out particle board….will it ever end?


2 thoughts on “Welcome Fall

  1. Wow Tam, I just looovee the pictures you take of your yard! Kenny's gardening blows me away! That is his art for sure!
    And… lol… i think you are going to gain an extra 3 or 4 inches vertically when you're done with the flooring! 😀

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