Savannah has a home

YAY! Another victory….Savannah has been adopted!!!
Will be looking around to find another dog to feature


3 thoughts on “Savannah has a home

  1. HI, Love your blog..and what you do for all of these have a great heart..
    I have a question of you….do you by any chance know the name of the 4 seasons rug..or who designed it…II just love it…and so want to hook it..

  2. Fran,
    Did you see the “four seasons” rug on my blog somewhere? I'm drawing a blank….can you tell me what it looks like….I've seen several “four seasons” rugs….some with barn tops, some with watermelons and some with trees.
    I'm glad to help if you can give me a little direction.
    Thanks for visiting my blog,

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