Going with the Flow

Well, I’m trying to go with the flow of the universe this week.
The guy who was going to do our fireplace was going to come on Wednesday, because it was supposed to rain that day..
…instead, it’s supposed to be sunny on Wednesday
and rainy today…..
yep, it’s rainy.

Fortunately, I was able to trade days off with one of my co-workers and be home today for him to work on the fireplace…..just one problem-o…..
we thought he was going to make a false front for the fireplace
and he thought that we were doing that part…..oops!
However, he has a friend who needed some work who is a carpenter, so the guy drives down from Joplin, about an hour away, and things are starting to move along now….YAY!
Since the guy drove so far I’m going to see if I can also get him to do our baseboards today while he is here….that would be awesome!

Here is the BEFORE picture of the fireplace with a lot of the stone laid out in front of it….I hope to have an AFTER picture for you tomorrow.

So what to do on a rainy day when you have to be home from work and hang around while your house is being spruced up?…..I’m thinking hook!
So, I’m sitting in this recliner in the bedroom hooking away on the garden rug

while the dogs sleep the day away Why is it that any time you put a rug down to take a picture, it always ends up with a dog on top?

Go forth and be creative,


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