Keep on

I feel like I’ve been super boring lately. Not much going on to report….or maybe I’m just not looking close enough.  However, later this morning I’m headed to the Ozarks Craft Show with my friend, blogless Sandy.  ( Ebay Renee and blogless Kelly have a booth and I can’t wait to see how it turned out!) I’m charging up my camera and hope to have something interesting to post on my return. please, please, please

I’m a bit depressed, yes, I put that right out there for you…..DEPRESSED, as the apple green tile that was going to go on the floor in front of my fireplace and around it, ended up being a bust….the mortar and the old burgundy tile showed through it  (clear iridescent glass) and after the poor guy spent about 4 hours on it, I had him pull it all up and now all of that beautiful tile is sitting in a big bucket of water out in my garage at $17/sq foot (guess I’ll be learning how to make a mosaic birdbath or stepping stones or SOMETHING)…..I say, don’t cry over something that won’t cry for you.  Keep smiling!

So, I’m now on the hunt again for something to use INSTEAD of that. Maybe something more earthy and neutral this time….something like this perhaps.


Or maybe mirror tile in different sizes….(just mirror around the fireplace and then stone on the floor) I like the concept of putting things that are DIFFERENT next to each other.

But definitely nothing that is “see through”.

Oh well, you live and you learn.  Looks like we’ll be digging the old burgundy tile out….Kenny had to do that on our other fireplace and had to end up renting a jackhammer,

so I know he’s not looking forward to that……yet again.  When they built our home in 1952, they built it to last….that’s for sure!

The good news is…’s crisp and cool and I can start wearing my fall clothes and start layering…..more accessories…..swoon!

And, Kenny brought home this truly awesome gourd……love!

Have a great day! Keep your attitude as one of gratitude.


4 thoughts on “Keep on

  1. Oh BUMMER on the tile!! :o/ Is there any way to maybe paint the underlying tile and mortar a neutral so it doesn't show thru? I hope it works out. Have a great day! :o)

  2. So sorry that your dream tiles didn't worked out. Perhaps a green paint under the tiles might work. The paint would have to be cured totally before I'd attempt to install it thought, or can you use the tiles somewhere else? Good luck. Nothing ventured, nothing gain I always say.. Love your new photo. Have a great weekend. JB

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