Keeping it at bay

Kenny has been sick for several days….coughing and hacking and spewing his ick all around.

I woke up yesterday feeling less than ideal, but I’ve been taking D3 and elderberry juice  concentrate

and eating oranges

and taking my vitamins and all that… far just feeling a “little puny”…..hoping to keep the “ick” at bay.

Up this morning having some new “Mexican Chocolate” coffee that I got at Marshall’s yesterday…..yummy!

(no, this is not my coffee art…..duh, like I have time to do THAT!)

Heading out to work even though I’d rather be doing what Lonnie is up to……

Lying in bed reading the books I picked up  from the library last night….one’s I’d requested months ago….finally arrived….




4 thoughts on “Keeping it at bay

  1. Hi Tammy , I been doing what Lonnie is doing today. I've been in bed all day since I came back from feeding my calves this morning.

    I've let myself get tired and run down and now I'm paying for it. with this bad head and chest cold. I've taken some cold and flu medicine and it seems to help so now I'm going back to the farm to care for my calves.

    Love the coffee art. JB

  2. Tammy,
    Hope Kenny is doing better; there is definitely something going around–maybe the flu that shots are being distributed now for?? I hope to get mine Thursday. You will LOVE “The Help!” It is one of my favorite books. I hope you will like it as much as I did. Take care. (Pic of Lonnie is a hoot!) Jeanne L.

  3. Hope you guys get to feeling better…. Love my guy, Lonnie, looking so cozy and cute in bed. He can come stay in my bed anytime! We need to get together and hook soon. I'm working on some Christmas gifts (finally). Cute little hooked pouches. Can't wait to show you!

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