That kind of day

It has started out to be “that kind of day”……slapping on nail polish to cover the chips on the way out the door and holding them up to the heater in your car as you drive to work….(my current obsession…Jitterbug nail polish from China Glaze  a grey chrome with silver micro glitter polish)

trying to drink your coffee out of a mug with no lid and praying that you won’t smudge your nail polish before it has a chance to dry OR slosh your coffee down the front of you  as you brake for the stoplight!

It really makes for an unsettling start to your day…..and worse than that, it’s self induced!

Oh well, now I’m at work, we’re not all that busy and hopefully things will be looking up!

By the way,


2 thoughts on “That kind of day

  1. Tammy,
    What happened to you having Friday off? You were so stoked to have from yesterday through next week off as a vacation. Bummer for things if they don't work out. Do you still have next week off?

    You need to be pulling loops, sister friend!


  2. Hey Trisha,
    My vacation starts on Thanksgiving….so it's a little bit away…I ended up getting off work at 11am today and spent the rest of the day with Kenny eating out and shopping….so it all turned out great!

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