Body, Mind and Soul

Yesterday I spent my morning participating in a  2-hour “Yoga Flow” event for National Yoga Day.

We did lots of downward dogs…..


And then I learned the 3 legged downward dog into the…..

flipped dog.  I’m still much the beginner in yoga, but the more I practice the more I love it.

One thing I did learn is that my hips are really, really tight, but I did listen and learn and will be incorporating this “fire log” pose into my daily life.  I think all of the weight training and cardio has me really tightened up this area. When I had seen people sit like this before in yoga, I thought they were just sitting cross-legged…not so. Click on the picture to read more about this pose. (I can get my bottom leg down, but when I try to put my top knee on top of my bottom ankle, it’s closer to my elbow or the middle of my upper arm)

I spent the rest of my day reading this book….finished it in one day…’s really a tear-jerker! I’m talking tissues and mascara running down my face!

I’m fighting off a cough (I hate being sick!) and all the yoga has left me pretty sore, so I just lounged and read for the rest of the day.  We had left-over ham and beans (sometimes not having to cook can be a good thing….I’m a big fan of left-overs!) that I had made the night before last and we watched a movie with Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci. “Love Ranch”…..we really enjoyed it! Is there anything Helen Mirren has been in that HASN’T been worth watching?



Heading to a flea market when Kenny gets home from the gym…..guess I’ll get out of my “sweats” and put on some real clothes!


2 thoughts on “Body, Mind and Soul

  1. Oh Dear! The flipped dog almost makes me dizzy enough to p……………..ah………..regurgitate! Better stick with puke, I can spell that!
    Tammy – you have 6 ft long legs!!!! You should be able to bend like a pretzel! Maybe yoga is easier on lil short fat women? We don't have so far to fall!
    Hope your cough doesn't turn into a cold! You need whiskey, honey and lemon and some homemade chicken soup! Coming right up. Will send it from FL.

  2. Tammy,

    I look at that classic yoga position and know my metal right knee won't bend like that. I would love to try yoga but think Tai Chi might be better for my arthritic bones.

    Thanks for the trailer as I love Helen Mirren. “Red” is being released this week so I will see if it is on demand with my dish. It is supposed to be funny with a great cast.

    Glad you are on the mend. Like Ter'e's idea for a tonic. Try it.

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