A whole lot of local

This week went by rather quickly, the weather has been sunny

and beautiful, so a lot of time spent outdoors.

We did make it downtown to visit the new

Funtiques location. It has a Jefferson St. address,

but is actually on the corner of Pershing and Robberson.

Stepping into their store is like taking a step back in time….

Seeing as how we’ve been going a bit more

“old school” in our front room, we thought we

just might find something we couldn’t live without….

but we didn’t….at least not this time.

However, we did check out a “new to us” restaurant

while we were downtown.

I had the parmesan peppercorn chicken….kind of a riff

on Springfield style cashew chicken, but with a parmesan

peppercorn sauce….I liked it, kind of like cashew chicken

meets chicken fried steak…..only in the Ozarks folks!

Kenny had the Korean spicy pork and he said it was really

good.  We also shared the crab wontons….YUM!  Decision…

we’ll go back! (that’s saying a lot, since we have SCADS of

Oriental restaurants here in Springfield)

I also took a yoga class at a “new to me” studio.

Beautiful studio and a great teacher, I get to

take 9 more classes and hopefully will be learning

some new moves! Moves aside, it does wonders

for my mental state!

Also, on the local scene, we tried a “new to us”

Mexican restaurant that is actually right down the street

from our house….

“El Charro”

I had the fish tacos (good, but not as good as the

fish tacos from Purple Burrito)

and Kenny had the most enormous

burrito I’ve ever seen….Oh yeah, margaritas too,

buy 1 get 1 half price….well, now we couldn’t pass

that up now could we?

New recipe I’ve made at home this week….

roasted cauliflower!

Love the taste, hate the smell of it cooking and the

smell it leaves in the house. Mixed up a little plain Greek

yogurt with some Sriracha sauce to dip it in….this is a

great healthy snack!

Click on the pic to go to the recipe

For all of you who follow the hooking, no hooking

this week, but if you want to see who is inspiring me

in hooking right now please visit this blog.

Her little prairie rugs and stitcheries just blow

my mind!


One thought on “A whole lot of local

  1. Great post!
    Had Mexican food last night after spending all afternoon on the beaches of Destin. Man, the water was like gin!!!! Crystal clear – about 87 deg outside – perfect.
    Came home – showered – blew the hair and slapped on mascara and went out for Mex food. Had a big ole bowl of menudo. Side of corn tortillas, cilantro and jalapenos. Good Lord, it was divine. Hsd one margarita. ( just one small one). Today for lunch, I tried the cauliflower. Very very good. Will do it again. Are there any veggies that aren't tasty when cooked with EVOO??? I doubt it. Was a good couple of days.

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