The bed

My wonderful husband bought me this vintage iron bed several years ago.  Sadly, it’s almost always been piled high with “stuff” for years on end.  Now that the room is cleared out and “re-done” I can enjoy it in all it’s glory.


BEFORE in a rare cleaned up state

A few more shots


I guess you could say this is the “sheep” area of the room.


The white primitive trunk came from Leola’s and it contains

my current hooking project. (the goal of this room was for it to

function as a guest room, but have creative storage for my other

stuff) The shaker box has wool worms inside.


Here you can see a few of my sheep themed rugs, along with one that

I got in a swap from Pat Frasier of Houston, TX.


These are my vintage sheep pictures and paintings and thermometers.

I love them….love them even more now that they are grouped together.


Close up of one of my favorite dolls from my childhood.


It’s a beautiful fall day here today, hope the weather in your area

is nice as well.

I’ll try to share more pictures soon.


3 thoughts on “The bed

  1. What a wonderful collection of great things to surround yourself with. Lucky you to have a doll from your childhood; sadly I don't and think that is why I went on a mission to make dolls for a while.

    LOVE your hooked rugs and other wall collections.


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