Hooking and looking


Lonnie was feeling left out, so here is a picture of him

peering out the same window, wondering when Kenny

is going to get home.

It’s always such a nice sight to pull in the driveway and have

two little heads peering out at you Smile

Well, I started stitching down the back of the fish rug and got

about half way around and decided to take a break and knit

for a while on the socks or should I say sock and watch the

Academy Awards.

You’ve just got to love seeing all the celebrities in all of their finery!!

There were SO MANY beautiful gowns last night I couldn’t even

come close to picking my favorite.  Here are a few I loved….

Did you have a favorite?

Also, if you watched, did you hear Jared Leno’s acceptance



I’ve been plugging away and listing more rug hooking and

wool related items on eBay, so if you are looking for

patterns to work on, go check out what I’ve got by

clicking below. Right now there are some penny rug patterns

and rug hooking patterns. Who knows, I might add something

else during the week.


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