New Day Tuesday


I’ve been knitting for a while now, but I still consider myself a novice knitter.  I’ve made one sock and still have to finish it’s mate.  I found the sock knitting a bit tedious, but I’m no quitter!

For the summer, I’ve made a decision to try something new every week, whether it be learning a new knitting technique, trying a new restaurant, a new recipe, a different type of fitness class

or whatever.

If you don’t knit and want to learn how, just Google knitting videos on YouTube.  I’m knitting in the Continental style, which I find WAY faster and easier than the way I was taught (Thanks Patti!)



On this little dishcloth pattern, I’m learning how to drop stitches and pick them back up in a different part of the pattern.  The pattern is called Raspberry Jam and I found it on Ravelry.

I’m sure I’ve already made a few mistakes, but hey, it’s a dishcloth, that’s why I like to make them when I’m learning new stitches, plus, they are usable and gift-able.

Try something new this week!!

LOve YOur Life!!


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