Sitting spots rarely used

Yesterday was a mix of sunshine and rain. At one point I was outside taking pictures of Kenny’s garden and it was beautiful and glorious.  I came inside to upload my pictures to the computer and within five minutes it was pouring down rain.

As I was going through the pictures I realized that we have many sitting spots in our garden that are inviting but rarely used.


This sitting spot is in our front yard and is closest to our neighbor, Ruby, who is in her late 80’s or maybe even her early 90’s.  She still mows her own yard and is always happy to sit for a spell and have a beer with you when it’s hot outside…she is a hoot!  She has pretty roses in her back yard and is tickled pink that our poppies crawled under the fence to intermingle with her roses in May. This little bench probably gets the most use of all of our sitting spots. You’ll often find Ruby and maybe even another neighbor sitting here having a chat.


This sitting spot is in the back yard, a glider, I love a glider, that soothing back and forth just reminds me of summer.  It has not seen much action yet this year because we have had so much rain and the cushion is tufted and it seems it’s always soggy when you go to sit down.


It’s a great sitting spot because you can get a fairly good view of the largest garden room from here and there is always lots of bird activity to watch.


This bench needs some painting or needs to be put by the curb…..decisions need to be made!

This is probably the least used sitting spot in the garden….generally gets used most often as a place to sit garden tools.


I see the picture above and I just think how pretty the pink leaves are on the tri-colored beech tree….Kenny sees it and says, “look at all those wild violets in our yard”! Funny, you can have several different people look at the same view and they all see different things.  It’s all about perspective!



These two chairs are getting ready for rehab….they are going to be painted a rustic brown color and relocated to the new front patio/porch…..will we sit in them? I certainly hope so!!

The new patio/porch is ALMOST finished….rain has caused delays, but it’s getting close to completion. Can’t wait to share pictures when it’s finished!

LOve YOur LIFE!!



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