So bad!

I used to be a big fan of Diet Coke, back in the day…I’m thinking it’s been over 10 years since I’ve had one… soda is SO BAD for you!


Pretty much, in general I don’t even drink regular soda.  I WILL have ginger beer, which is like root beer, but made with ginger, when I make a Moscow Mule, but pretty much, soda is the devil in my book.

See what it looks like when you boil down Coke…

My regular, daily drink of choice…water or iced tea….loving the Tazo Tea called Iced Passion right now….always have it in the fridge.

LOve YOur Life!



6 thoughts on “So bad!

  1. Tammy,
    Can’t remember when I last drank anything carbonated. Give that all up at least 30 years ago. As a Southern gal, my tastes run to iced tea, but only the unsweetened version or iced water. My drink of choice is Green Tea from Tazo, although I will occasionally have the Chai Tea liquid concentrate from Tazo mixed with low fat soy milk. They also make a chocolate version of the liquid, but despite being addicted to chocolate, I just can’t drink it. Glad you have come over to this side of the fence

  2. well…i spent over thirty five years as a classic cola devotee…morning, noon and night! now paying the price, but i loved every drop of it! truly no soda, diet
    or regular is good for you!
    on another note…i spent this last week teaching at the green mountain rug school in vermont and heather ritchie was there too…you are going to absolutely
    fall in love with her. just to sit with her and listen to her accent was well worth the trip…i told her about you and that she will enjoy your company. have lots
    of fun and let us know how the experience went. tom mcnerney/newburyarts

    • Tom, Thanks for putting in a good word for me with Heather. I truly can’t wait for the class, even though I still don’t have a clue what type of project I’m going to work on. When I plunked down the money for the class, I knew I would be happy just to sit and listen to her talk in that wonderful accent for days on end!!

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