Life Love Time Butter

Love the quote….now just wish I had taken pictures of Chef Roland making the puff pastry….

3 pounds of dough and 1 1/2 pounds of butter (unsalted….he says ALWAYS use unsalted butter when you cook)….now that I’ve seen it done, I’ve decided that making puff pastry from scratch  is something that I will definitely give a go…..some day!!

Chef Roland says that good cooking takes patience….making things like puff pastry or what he called REAL carmelized onions….not onions with sugar that are sauteed, but carmeleized onions that take hours to cook down and really carmelize in their own flavors.

Dulcy and I went to a French pastry class on Monday night and we had a blast!  Watching Chef Roland cook and teach us about homemade puff pastry, pastry cream and seared chicken.

So many things to make from puff pastry and we got to try them all!!!

I’m more of a savory girl than sweet, so my favorite was the “brie en croute”



Brie topped with garlic and basil and then wrapped in puff pastry….YUM!! I think I could eat my weight in this!!

He also turned the puff pastry into palmiers…




as well as fruit tarts which were topped with pastry cream before they were baked..


as well as MORE pastry cream AFTER they were baked..


then topped with fresh berries….


Of course, a little wine with class always makes things a bit more fun as well…



Pictures of Chef Roland making the seared chicken….seared chicken with

garlic and parsley, mushrooms, cheese and sour cream….to die for!!




All of this was hosted at Robin’s Vintage Suitcase…..a wonderful store and café!!

Definitely signing up for the next class!!




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