I’m one of the world’s worst procrastinators!! Seriously!

I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon to go to rug camp (leaving at 1:30) and I just finished (at 8:30 pm) drawing out my rug pattern to work on. Of course, I was going to have my drawing enlarged at Kinko’s, but their big printer was on the blink and so was the one across town.

Kenny says, “That’s what happens when you procrastinate”!

He’s got a point, but necessity is the  mother of invention, so I drug down my transparency projector and went to town.  Wish Kenny would have taken pictures, as it was quite comical….I had a big rug taped up over itself, so I could use the wall underneath it to draw off my pattern.  Sketch paper taped to the wall and then red dot taped over that. Good grief, can you imagine the mess if Sharpie marker bled through onto my pink walls….YIKES!

I’ve got a few wools pulled that I think I might use, but I’m trying to go with an open mine ready to be filled up with new ideas!

Am I packed?….oh heaven’s no….I’ll do that tomorrow, but I do have clothes in little piles, so I do know what I’m taking.

My plan for Monday is:

Get up early and get my oil changed in my car (after I clean out the car and the trunk to make room for all of the traveling gear)

Go get a mani/pedi (yes, it’s ESSENTIAL)…..went to do that today and my favorite place was closed for Father’s Day. (The NERVE!!)

Come home, throw all of my STUFF in the car and go pick up one of my besties to head to rug camp!

Hope to have lots of pics and stories to tell when I get back….one clue, I’m not doing ANYTHING for my rug that I’ve shown on here….so that will be a big surprise as well!

Don’t forget my hook

Don’t forget my hook

Don’t forget my hook




4 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. From reading your blog, I wouldn’t know you were a procrastinator! I’ve always thought I have procrastinating perfected to an art form! It’s an annoying habit to say the least, isn’t it? Are you off to hook with Heather Ritchie? You will love her! Have big fun and “don’t forget your hook”!! But ifnyoumdo, I’ll bet she’ll have some of her husband, Les’s hooks with her!

    • Alice, Ahhhhh the lies we tell over the internet!! My “Skip To My Ewe” blog was a lot of smoke screen….think of the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz 🙂
      I was blogging and hooking and dyeing and teaching non-stop, while my husband did everything else. Bless his heart!! He still does GOBS as I’m definitely NOT a domestic goddess, as much as I’d love to be.
      I have a Ritchie hook and that is the one I’m taking with me,,,,it’s my FAVE!!
      Yes, going to the Heather Ritchie workshop (she types as she has her wet hair tied up in a towel, telling herself that she is multi-tasking….responding to blog posts, while the towel soaks water out of her hair, so blow drying will be that much quicker!)

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