Odie and Moses


Meet Moses and Odie….get it “Donkey Odie”. They seem to be the official greeters




at Ivy Jean’s Ozark Farmstead. The locale of our rug camp.



When you drive up to the farm, they are there to greet you with their excited braying!!



I’m allergic to horses, but I went ahead and petted their velvety soft  noses regardless.

Then immediately went inside and washed my hands….don’t need to be at rug camp with a huge allergy attack!



Taking pictures of them was quite humorous as Odie kept moving his head towards



me through the gate, wanting more nose petting.



These donkeys LOVE to be petted!!!





One thought on “Odie and Moses

  1. Donkeys can be pretty demanding but also make pretty good watchers as they announce very loudly when anyone comes near.
    Have fun at camp!

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