Heather Ritchie

Meeting Heather Ritchie was so lovely (the English use that word a lot).

She told  many wonderful stories about growing up in England, as well as teaching us about proddy and  many techniques I’ve never seen before.

If you’d like to listen to her, you can watch the video below.

I could listen to that accent for DAYS!!

She had us hooking with alternative fibers such as yarn, t-shirts and pretty much anything that we had access to.

It was rather like “un-learning” so many “rules” of hooking and I loved every minute of it.

I had brought a pattern of Lonnie and Kenny to work on, and I did get quite a bit completed,

considering I didn’t really have the right wools to work on any of Kenny’s face (and there was

a limited supply of wool to choose from at camp) and just a few wools to work on Lonnie’s

face…..I tried doing Kenny’s face with “artsy” colors, but to me he was looking like a

transvestite clown (if you look closely you can see where I’ve pulled out his lips and forehead)

and I knew I just wouldn’t be happy with it as an end product.  There is definitely going to be

some dying in my future!



I felt so unprepared for this workshop and it didn’t help that we had no contact from the teacher, through no fault of her own.  She was never sent a class list to contact the students beforehand. Had I had a chance to e-mail back and forth with her, I’m sure I would have done some sort of garden rug….heaven knows I have plenty of inspiration around me!!

Oh well, we made the best of it.

On the last day (go figure) I decided that I had to take advantage of all the things she had been teaching and I drew out a little rectangle so I could just “play”….it just made me so happy!


Here is what I have so far from that last day of class….


I’m loving the colors and the textures and techniques…


It’s going to be a fantasy view as if you are looking down into the back garden. 

I was inspired by Heather’s piece that she had brought with her to class.


Isn’t it just gorgeous?!


So many bits and bobs!!


Mine is in a rectangular shape and I hope to make it into a little bag when I’m finished.




One thought on “Heather Ritchie

  1. i’ve been waiting ot hear what you thought of heather…just lovely!!! i’m sorry that the camp director(s) didn’t get it together and send lists of both parts. i had that
    experience twice from a place in maine, camp wool, where she wouldn’t share a thing. the second time teaching there she handed me the class list ten minutes into my introductory talk. never again…i walked out after it was over. quite different from my last experience teaching in june at green mountain. wonderful…and
    the director made sure that you the teacher and student were fully prepared for the week. plus…they have a HUGE shop full of wool. i had hoped that you would
    be there in vermont with us. oh well…maybe next time. take care and what you have done so far looks great! tom

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