Decisions, decisions….


I spent a big part of yesterday going through my pictures and still trying to decide what to take


to work on at the upcoming workshop with Heather Ritchie.


I’m kind of leaning towards either a large rug, or a series of smaller pieces to make into pillows.


I’ve gotten to that point in my hooking career, where I have LOTS of rugs, and as Kenny says,


“our home cannot be a rug gallery”


I agree with that up to a point….it would be weird having rugs EVERYWHERE, that is why a


series of pillows seems like a good idea.  I seem to be gravitating toward large, blown up flowers…..


The only thing with pillows is I hate all of the finishing….that is why the Modern Moose is hooked, but still not turned into a pillow.




7 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions….

  1. At least with the number of beautiful rugs you have, you can always rotate where one goes through out the seasons – or as you change your home’s decor.
    If I could vote, I would go for a large close-up of a flower, not unlike Georgia O’Keefe’s style which I believe you choose on that other blog.

  2. Tammy, what photo gadget do you use to get that look? Anyone of those pictures would be beautiful as a rug or mat.

    • Hi Julie, I’m using program on called underpainting…they have all sorts of free software that is fun to play around with. I’m leaning towards a series of garden pillows.

  3. Tami….loved the tip on Befunky site, but was wondering if you use the Premium or professional package to get the underpainting feature you prefer? Without subscribing, they don’t go into too much detail…so hard to know. thanks ! Carol

    • Hi Carol, I just use the free package to do the underpainting…I think I use underpainting 2 and sometimes adjust the brush detail according to the picture. Hope that helps!

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