Not again?!!!

Yes again!!

I’m moving back to blogger….I am just not loving WordPress as a blogging tool.

Blogger feels like home to me.


really, I think this will be the last and final move for a while.

Join me here….

yep, another new name as well

Tammy Lanet

Heather Ritchie

Meeting Heather Ritchie was so lovely (the English use that word a lot).

She told  many wonderful stories about growing up in England, as well as teaching us about proddy and  many techniques I’ve never seen before.

If you’d like to listen to her, you can watch the video below.

I could listen to that accent for DAYS!!

She had us hooking with alternative fibers such as yarn, t-shirts and pretty much anything that we had access to.

It was rather like “un-learning” so many “rules” of hooking and I loved every minute of it.

I had brought a pattern of Lonnie and Kenny to work on, and I did get quite a bit completed,

considering I didn’t really have the right wools to work on any of Kenny’s face (and there was

a limited supply of wool to choose from at camp) and just a few wools to work on Lonnie’s

face…..I tried doing Kenny’s face with “artsy” colors, but to me he was looking like a

transvestite clown (if you look closely you can see where I’ve pulled out his lips and forehead)

and I knew I just wouldn’t be happy with it as an end product.  There is definitely going to be

some dying in my future!



I felt so unprepared for this workshop and it didn’t help that we had no contact from the teacher, through no fault of her own.  She was never sent a class list to contact the students beforehand. Had I had a chance to e-mail back and forth with her, I’m sure I would have done some sort of garden rug….heaven knows I have plenty of inspiration around me!!

Oh well, we made the best of it.

On the last day (go figure) I decided that I had to take advantage of all the things she had been teaching and I drew out a little rectangle so I could just “play”….it just made me so happy!


Here is what I have so far from that last day of class….


I’m loving the colors and the textures and techniques…


It’s going to be a fantasy view as if you are looking down into the back garden. 

I was inspired by Heather’s piece that she had brought with her to class.


Isn’t it just gorgeous?!


So many bits and bobs!!


Mine is in a rectangular shape and I hope to make it into a little bag when I’m finished.



Odie and Moses


Meet Moses and Odie….get it “Donkey Odie”. They seem to be the official greeters




at Ivy Jean’s Ozark Farmstead. The locale of our rug camp.



When you drive up to the farm, they are there to greet you with their excited braying!!



I’m allergic to horses, but I went ahead and petted their velvety soft  noses regardless.

Then immediately went inside and washed my hands….don’t need to be at rug camp with a huge allergy attack!



Taking pictures of them was quite humorous as Odie kept moving his head towards



me through the gate, wanting more nose petting.



These donkeys LOVE to be petted!!!




Coming Home

I love going, but I equally love coming home!

Nothing makes you appreciate your home and family like being away.

I have several pictures from rug camp and I hope to share them with you tomorrow.

As for now, it’s Mount St. Laundry and getting nestled back into my nest, loving on my dogs and my husband. Getting back in the routine of home.




I’m one of the world’s worst procrastinators!! Seriously!

I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon to go to rug camp (leaving at 1:30) and I just finished (at 8:30 pm) drawing out my rug pattern to work on. Of course, I was going to have my drawing enlarged at Kinko’s, but their big printer was on the blink and so was the one across town.

Kenny says, “That’s what happens when you procrastinate”!

He’s got a point, but necessity is the  mother of invention, so I drug down my transparency projector and went to town.  Wish Kenny would have taken pictures, as it was quite comical….I had a big rug taped up over itself, so I could use the wall underneath it to draw off my pattern.  Sketch paper taped to the wall and then red dot taped over that. Good grief, can you imagine the mess if Sharpie marker bled through onto my pink walls….YIKES!

I’ve got a few wools pulled that I think I might use, but I’m trying to go with an open mine ready to be filled up with new ideas!

Am I packed?….oh heaven’s no….I’ll do that tomorrow, but I do have clothes in little piles, so I do know what I’m taking.

My plan for Monday is:

Get up early and get my oil changed in my car (after I clean out the car and the trunk to make room for all of the traveling gear)

Go get a mani/pedi (yes, it’s ESSENTIAL)…..went to do that today and my favorite place was closed for Father’s Day. (The NERVE!!)

Come home, throw all of my STUFF in the car and go pick up one of my besties to head to rug camp!

Hope to have lots of pics and stories to tell when I get back….one clue, I’m not doing ANYTHING for my rug that I’ve shown on here….so that will be a big surprise as well!

Don’t forget my hook

Don’t forget my hook

Don’t forget my hook



Life Love Time Butter

Love the quote….now just wish I had taken pictures of Chef Roland making the puff pastry….

3 pounds of dough and 1 1/2 pounds of butter (unsalted….he says ALWAYS use unsalted butter when you cook)….now that I’ve seen it done, I’ve decided that making puff pastry from scratch  is something that I will definitely give a go…..some day!!

Chef Roland says that good cooking takes patience….making things like puff pastry or what he called REAL carmelized onions….not onions with sugar that are sauteed, but carmeleized onions that take hours to cook down and really carmelize in their own flavors.

Dulcy and I went to a French pastry class on Monday night and we had a blast!  Watching Chef Roland cook and teach us about homemade puff pastry, pastry cream and seared chicken.

So many things to make from puff pastry and we got to try them all!!!

I’m more of a savory girl than sweet, so my favorite was the “brie en croute”



Brie topped with garlic and basil and then wrapped in puff pastry….YUM!! I think I could eat my weight in this!!

He also turned the puff pastry into palmiers…




as well as fruit tarts which were topped with pastry cream before they were baked..


as well as MORE pastry cream AFTER they were baked..


then topped with fresh berries….


Of course, a little wine with class always makes things a bit more fun as well…



Pictures of Chef Roland making the seared chicken….seared chicken with

garlic and parsley, mushrooms, cheese and sour cream….to die for!!




All of this was hosted at Robin’s Vintage Suitcase…..a wonderful store and café!!

Definitely signing up for the next class!!



Good Golly Miss Molly

I went to a French  pasty cooking class last night with Dulcy….had so much fun!!

Will try to get some pictures up tonight when I get home from work and hot yoga….yep, starting that tonight!!

Also, got a FitBit Flex….a bit obsessed with it at the moment!!

Have a great Tuesday!!



So bad!

I used to be a big fan of Diet Coke, back in the day…I’m thinking it’s been over 10 years since I’ve had one… soda is SO BAD for you!


Pretty much, in general I don’t even drink regular soda.  I WILL have ginger beer, which is like root beer, but made with ginger, when I make a Moscow Mule, but pretty much, soda is the devil in my book.

See what it looks like when you boil down Coke…

My regular, daily drink of choice…water or iced tea….loving the Tazo Tea called Iced Passion right now….always have it in the fridge.

LOve YOur Life!


Have I lost my mind?

I bought a Groupon for 20 hot yoga classes to use in 60 days.

I’ve tried hot yoga before and loved it, but it always left me with a headache, so I quit….

I’m thinking the headache was from not being hydrated enough.

I guess this is a way to force myself to drink more water throughout the day.

I found a little article on Pinterest about hot yoga that cracked me up.

Click on the picture below if you’d like to see



I’m also trying to be more prepared this time as well….this was another great article.

And then, here is another reason to do hot yoga….for me…

I really need to get rid of that flab that hangs over the edge of the back of your bra!!!

I want the back ABOVE…..(minus the tattoo).

I’ve been pretty lax on working out lately and while I feel like I’m getting my mojo back,

I really need to kick it in gear!!

I know to get that SEXY BACK I have lots of THESE in my future…..


not my favorite move in yoga, but when you can master it, it makes you feel STRONG!